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Sub.FM, the internet’s premier streaming radio destination for Dubstep, UK Garage, Grime, Future Garage, House and Techno. Also home to Embassy Recordings’ Late Nite Tip broadcast


Late Nite Tip – June 17, 2012 (w/ Clicks & Whistles)

Petey Clicks (Clicks & Whistles) at Impulse FestivalA very special episode of Late Nite Tip this weekend as I was joined by Petey from Clicks & Whistles following our interesting weekend at the first Impulse Music and Arts Festival in Union Point, GA. More on that weekend in another post soon to follow.

In the absence of Distal and Mite this week, Petey and I went b2b for the full two hours, getting a bit different than we usually do. Thanks to everybody who locked in during the broadcast – and a huge thanks to Petey for grinding through after a month of touring to cap it off with an appearance on Late Nite Tip!

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Late Nite Tip (April 15, 2012)

I have uploaded the recording of yesterday’s Late Nite Tip broadcast on Sub.FM hosted by Mite and myself. Thanks all who tuned in, the full broadcast and tracklist are available beneath the fold.

Distal was on tour in New England this week so you get selections from the two of us, and a bit more explorations in the 140 realm this week.

Check out the full broadcast for exclusive forthcoming Embassy Recordings material from Mak, Clicks & Whistles as well as some unheard sounds from Beaumont, Grievous Angel, Chrissy Murderbot and more.

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Distal – Civilization (TECCD014)

Distal - Civilization (TECCD014)Distal‘s first full-length release Civilization will finally ship on the highly esteemed Tectonic Recordings label on April 30.

After my first few listens, quite simply, Civilization is a breath of fresh-air to Tectonic. Distal will be the first to cite Pinch‘s influence in his own work, however Civilization transcends what most expect from the legendary label. Tracks exploring a wide palette of styles, not simply BPM, with the unmistakable aesthetic of a Distal production. More importantly the tracks and their arrangement do feel cohesive, a craft that seems to elude many full length releases in the current wave of electronic music.

Read more and listen to previews of Distal’s Civilization LP beneath the fold.

For more in-depth analysis on the release, check the following sites posted reviews:

Resident Advisor, The Quietus, XLR8R, Ear Milk, Sonic Router, MixMag

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Late Nite Tip (April 1, 2012)

Here is the archive from Late Nite Tip hosted by Embassy Recordings on Sub.FM.

Due to the time change confusion, the show coming on after us ended up starting let which left us the ability to run for an extended three-hour show this time, allowing an extended jungle session from the Embassy crew.

April Fools fun in the first ten minutes but stick with it as the crew showcases exclusives from Clicks & Whistles, previews of the forthcoming Embassy release rom Sleepyhead, and Distal’s forthcoming Civilization LP

We have amended the post to include the full tracklisting as well

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Late Nite Tip (4-Mar 2012) Download

Getting us back on track with keeping the archives up to date for 2012 here is the March 4 broadcast of Embassy RecordingsSub.FM radio show Late Nite Tip with a b2b selection of tunes from Distal, Mite, and Shortstack.

Shouts to everybody who listened in live and who came back to check out the archives and enjoy a blast from the past!

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Late Nite Tip (19-Feb 2012) Download

Included here is the download and stream information for the February 19, 2012 broadcast of Embassy RecordingsLate Nite Tip radio broadcast on Sub.FM
Our usual crew of Distal, Mite, and Shortstack b2b on the selections for this one, again apologies on the latency on getting these available for re-listening and thanks to everybody for your continued support of our show.

Late Nite Tip (15-Jan 2012) Download

Here is the download and stream for Late Nite Tip‘s broadcast on January 15, 2012, featuring selections from Embassy Recordings‘ crew Distal, Mite and Shortstack.

Much apologies in the delay in making this archive available.


Embassy Recordings [ Web | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud ]

Whistla - Dubstep Classics Vol. 1

Whistla – Dubstep Classics Vol. 1 Mix

A nice mix uploaded today from Whistla, the man behind Sub.FM, which has been the home to Distal and I hosting Late Nite Tip, for over a year.

At the behest of many, Whistla takes a short respite from the swivel vibe to put together an essential collection of classics of deeper and darker tunes well fitted to the colder weather and shorter days ahead. Full tracklist beneath the fold, but be sure to pick this one up. Really, he plays ‘Plate,’ that’s all you need to know. If I was going to put together a ‘best of’ set, this is pretty close; ‘Plate,’ ‘Nomad,’ ‘1st Dynasty’ were all tunes I fell in love with when I first discovered the genre. If you appreciate real dubstep, you will appreciate this. If you are one of these Johnny Come-Lately’s to the dubstep scene, well… here is some culture for you. Know your roots.

Whistla has this one up on Mixcloud recorded strictly off vinyl and recorded in 320, presenting these tunes in the quality the deserve to be heard in. Big up to Whistla and all the Sub.FM DJs and fans supporting a good thing.

Whistla – Dubstep Classics Vol. 1 Mix [via Mixcloud]

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Late Nite Tip (7-Aug) Download + Tracklist

Back again with the first Late Nite Tip broadcast for August, this time joined in the studio by our longtime friend Captain Crunk. Good Sunday vibes leads to some furious tagging for the last 30-45 minutes of the show.

Full track listing is available beneath the fold.

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Late Nite Tip (3-July 2011) Download + Tracklist

For the Fourth of July, the Atlanta-based members of Embassy Recordings gathered for a special “All American” show highlighting some of our favorite American producers. Thanks to Mite for joining Distal and I in the studio for this one.

The show following us never started so we kept the show rolling for an additional hour or so, keeping the vibes going while we ate dinner (hence the silence on the mic as the show progressed.) Thanks to all who tuned in, and those who joined us in the chat. Full tracklist beneath the fold, with a stream and download link as well.


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Late Nite Tip (6-June 2011) Download + Tracklist

After a busy spring travel seen for both Distal and myself, we had the fortunate opportunity of being able to do our Sub.FM broadcast ‘Late Nite Tip‘ together for the first time in nearly two months.

Much thanks to Distal and his better half for hosting a small shindig at their place for the broadcast, it was a fun way to spend a Sunday evening playing some times and hanging out with friends, apologies for getting chatty on the mic at times.

The archive of the show is available for stream and download below, with a full tracklist beneath the fold. See you again in two weeks.


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