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shrtstck – Art of Beatz Mix

Art of Beatz RadioA special mix I compiled for Art of Beatz radio, hosted by Kuma of The Konspiracy Group. This mix aired live on their weekly radio show, broadcasted on Vancouver’s COOP Radio 102.7FM. As the show airs at 3AM Atlanta time, I imagine many east-coasters missed this when it debuted however, the archive is now available for streaming and download. Something a bit different, keeping things around 160-bpm for the entirety of this mix, forgoing the usual sub-140 sounds I’ve been favoring lately.

Download 100+ LTJ Bukem Sets

LTJ Bukem and MC ConradThanks to Antares for giving me the heads up to this alert from the guys over at FACT, referencing this cache of over 100 live recordings of drum and bass legend LTJ Bukem collected by 175bpm.pl

I have been a long-time fan of Bukem for obvious reasons, his mixing is near unmatched by his peers, and have often cited this proficiency as a key influence in bringing me into the world of djing.

Atlanta friends should be doubly excited and use this as a nice warm-up to get ready for LTJ Bukem’s appearance at Terminal West in July.

Browse the LTJ Bukem Mixtapes Collection
Purchase Tickets for LTJ Bukem at Terminal West (July 5)

Late Nite Tip (April 1, 2012)

Here is the archive from Late Nite Tip hosted by Embassy Recordings on Sub.FM.

Due to the time change confusion, the show coming on after us ended up starting let which left us the ability to run for an extended three-hour show this time, allowing an extended jungle session from the Embassy crew.

April Fools fun in the first ten minutes but stick with it as the crew showcases exclusives from Clicks & Whistles, previews of the forthcoming Embassy release rom Sleepyhead, and Distal’s forthcoming Civilization LP

We have amended the post to include the full tracklisting as well

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XXXY – You Gotta Do You (ORCA004)

An interesting release from XXXY, exhibiting style that I typically do not associate with the London-based producer. You might have missed this one looking through online retailers, Juno filed this one under ‘Breakbeat.’ (?)

The releases title track ‘You Gotta Do You‘ is a slowly evolving acid house track, heavy on Roland samples and a jacking clap-snare pattern on top of ambling filtered 303. The highlight for me however is the b-side of the release ‘Open Your Eyes,‘ channeling the percussive sounds of Chicago with the distorted grime basslines more reminiscent of producers like Big$hot. Although citing these influences the track hardly falls into the realm of formulaic; XXXY manages to push the track into jungle territory by wedging in the classic Amen break. By juxtaposing grime bass with classic jungle era breaks and atmospheres is a refreshing interpretation.

The two-track release, available digitally and on vinyl is available now. Previews available beneath the fold.

XXXYSoundcloud | Twitter | Facebook ]
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Grievous Angel : Jungle Pressure Mix

Sheffield-based producer and DJ ‘Grievous Angel’ has been on a tear lately, recently dropping his “Percussive Grime” mix that was highlighted on GrimeSpree as well as a handful of other sites.

Yesterday he passed along the following link, citing only that it was “74 minutes of bouncin’ ragga jungle with odd bit techstep.”

Direct Link To Download (Right Click to Save)

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Wayback Wednesday: Photek – Form & Function (1998)

While I do enjoy writing about current, and forthcoming releases through this site, at times I feel like I neglect to touch on some of the earlier releases that formulated the opinions, and expectations I have for today’s music, and those as we look forward. Hopefully through this weekly series, I’ll touch on something you may have forgotten, or better yet something you are completely unfamiliar with. For the first installment of this series I am covering the 1998 release ‘Form & Function’ by drum and bass legend Photek.

‘Form & Function’ was released September 14, 1998 as a digital compilation of six essential Photek singles previously only available on wax – oddly twelve years later, waiting months for the digital release of vinyl only tracks is still a common occurrence.  As a companion to the six originals by Photek, the release begins with six remixes featuring the studio work of J Magik, Doc Scott, and Peshay.

Photek’s sound is unique, and defining, and it’s clearly evident with each release picked for ‘Form & Function.’ It’s easy to comment on the legacy of tracks such as ‘UFO’ and ‘Rings Around Saturn’ this far into the future, where it is easy to see the legacy they have left behind. The stripped down minimal sounds created by Photek and the sheer complexity of his drum programming became his trademark, and still today, listening to the breakdowns in UFO are as awe-inspiring today as they were upon it’s initial release.

With a mind for a deep minimalist approach, its clear to see how listening and reviewing releases from artists such as Compound One, Icicle, and Shackleton are appealing to me currently.

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