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News and posts related to the popular Instagram photo sharing and lomography simulation app for iPhone/iOS and Android devices. Content ranging from shared personal photographs, and photos I have enjoyed. as well as articles about the social network.

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How To: Fix Instagram On Twitter

In response to the heavily reported photo-feud between social networks Twitter and Instagram, a number of subscribers of both services are upset at changes to how photos shared across platforms have begun displaying this week.

Resident icnt.mx geek Tricil, who earlier shared this wonderful primer on social media mores, tones it down a bit but still keeps the quality high on this easy and free to use ifttt-based solution for Sharing Your Instagram Photos via Twitter correctly.

Not tech-savvy? Don’t worry, ifttt (If This Then This) is a straight-forward web automation system that works in a completely point-and-click environment that is easily to learn, trustworthy, and extremely helpful in automatic some routine online tasks.