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An infrequent series of restaurant reviews by freelance food journalist Owen Renn / icnt.mx


DC: Dining, and Disco

After a busy week following my return from Washington, DC I finally had the time to put together this post, highlighting some finer points of the day trip – including dinner at José Andrés Jaleo

What started ostensibly as a trip to reconnect with Kozee and see Scuba DJ at U Street Music Hall, spiraled into a hedonistic food exploration as bad weather and a series of events led me to making the trip solo.

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One Night In New Orleans

Running a little behind on getting these mini-vacation posts up on to the website but fortunately there is no time limit on these. Two weekends ago I took my first trip back to New Orleans in a decade, marking my first time back since Hurricane Katrina. Similar to every New Orleans trip I have made previously this one was centered around food and music, so… let’s get to the good stuff. Continue reading

Sake Tasting Menu (Mar 2013)

Sake Tasting – March 2013

Another sake tasting at Taka Sushi and Passion this past week, hosted by Koji, the regular organizer of these events as well as a representative from the Echigo microbrewery from Niigata.

The tasting featured five sake selections as well as Echigo’s Koshihikari Rice Beer, accompanied by five selections from Taka’s kitchen. 

Check the photos of the event beneath the fold, or click here to see the complete meal [via Evernote Food]

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Dining Out: Tex's Tacos

It is probably not much of a secret anymore; I have a favorite food truck, and judging by the lines whenever I am there to get my fix, I am not alone.

Tex’s Tacos has quickly come on the Atlanta Food Truck scene separating itself from Yumbii by offering more traditional southwestern offerings including a wonderful pastor taco and what is the most memorable carne asada I’ve had in years. Special mention also to their ‘lime fries’ unfortunately not pictured here – Tex’s specialty item

The truck is staffed by Mac and Harrison, who describe themselves on their website as “two compadres passionate about this food, and set on bringing the best of our favorite Tex-Mex fare from deep in the heart of the Lone Star State to you” and it is apparent in the rich flavors of their food.

IMG 3927
Tex's Tacos : Carne Asada

My personal favorite menu item is the carne asada taco, hands down. The flavor of the beef balances well with creamy cheese and guacamole, admittedly the meat is hard to see in the above photo but trust it is excellent. Also, as evident by the photo above, the crew at Tex’s does not skimp on filling, food trucks are never an expensive endeavour typically but these guys always make sure you get your money’s worth.

Recently, they have started offering soft-corn tortillas in addition to the flour based ones – something I was hoping would happen. The flavor is rich, and anybody who has started eating their tacos with soft corn tortillas likely will never switch back – this isn’t something that is featured on the menu but they have assured me it is available by request.

Tex’s also offers a shredded BBQ taco, and understanding the strict loyalties southerners have to where their BBQ comes from, the truck is proud to serve Atlanta’s own Lowcountry Barbecue. Personally, for me, if you come here for the pork and you don’t have the pastor – you are cheating yourself.

Tex's Tacos Pastor on Corn Tortilla
Tex's Tacos : Pastor De Puerco on corn

Tex’s is a mainstay at most metro-Atlanta area food truck gatherings including the Howell Mill Food Park (Tuesday evenings), Stove Works (Wednesday lunch), and Atlantic Station’s Food Truck Fridays (Friday lunch)

Check Tex’s website or Twitter for their weekly schedule as well as a complete menu

Tex’s Tacos ( blogwebsite | twitter | facebook )

Howell Mill Food Park Opening

UPDATE - The Howell Mill Food Park has been relaunched in 2012 as the Atlanta Food Truck Park.

Excitement today for Atlanta’s food-truck fans as this evening brings the opening of the newly formed Howell Mill Food Park.

Located at the 1927 Emery Street (behind Willy’s near the Howell Mill / Collier Rd intersection). the park plans to offer space for diners to sample offerings from up to ten different food trucks. This is a change of pace from the situation a year ago when the City of Atlanta was a lot more litigious towards food trucks. Additionally, it is good to see some attention being paid to offering food truck gatherings outside of corporate business lunch hours. As someone who works ‘OTP’ in Atlanta I unfortunately miss the lunch gatherings many food trucks regularly make at Stove Works and Atlantic Station.

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