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Music related to Dave Huisman’s ‘A Made Up Sound’ moniker and label imprint

2562 : Fever (Stream Preview)

There is not much to be said about Dave Huisman (2562 / A Made Up Sound) that has not already been said before. The genre-bending Netherlands based producer recently uploaded a streamable preview of his forthcoming third full-length release titled ‘Fever’.

Browse on over to Huisman’s Soundcloud, or check out the streams below.

‘Fever’ is set for digital and lp release on 4-April 2011.

2562 – Fever – doubt001cd/lp by 2562 / A Made Up Sound

2562 In The Mix for URB

With both [2562 and A Made Up Sound] I will try to stray from the path and see how far the audience is willing to come with me. I’m not there to spoil everyone’s evening, so I’m happy to play an all-house or all-bass set if it suits the occasion best. As long as it’s music I’m truly feeling. I will never compromise that. No DJ should.

I have been fortunate enough to catch Dave Huisman perform a DJ set as ‘2562’ and I can promise you that like any of his releases, his work comes a long way from spoiling anybody’s evening. Even the bro-est of brosteppers stop in appreciation for the unique sounds coming from the Netherlands based producer.

Recently he has contributed a short interview and mix for URB Magazine. A stiff selection laden with originals from Huisman in addition to unreleased material from Boddika, Hessle Audio, and Falty DL. Full tracklist available beneath the fold.

Download URB x Fabric Presents: 2562 [via Mediafire]

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LWE Podcast 57 – 2562 v. A Made Up Sound

Little White Earbuds cotinues its podcast series with an exciting installment from Dutch-based 2562; who has been constantly blurring the lines between techno and dubstep with two amazing full legnth releases ‘Aerial’ and ‘Unbalance’ both on the Tectonic label. I have been fortunate enough to catch Huisman’s DJ work once before when the Atlanta Dubstep crew brought him through Atlanta a little over a year ago. Hands down one of the most mind-blowing DJ sets I have had the chance to see, and since then have made a concerted effort to try and keep and ear out for any new output.

Glance over to LWE now and check out the interview and download the mix

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