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One Year of NYC Cab Trips

Enter HubCab, a project of MIT Senseable City Lab who captured year’s worth of data from taxi pickups and dropoffs in New York City. The technical development section of HubCab‘s website provides a detailed explanation of the backend required for this level of data processing if you want to nerd out on that, but the interactive map is the clearly the most fun.

The basis of the HubCab tool is a data set of over 170 million taxi trips of all 13,500 Medallion taxis in New York City in 2011. The data set contains GPS coordinates of all pickup and drop off points and corresponding times.

View HubCab Interactive Map

All taxi pickups and drop offs at JFK airport daily between 3AM and 6AM.
All taxi pickups and drop offs at JFK airport daily between 3AM and 6AM.

DC: Dining, and Disco

After a busy week following my return from Washington, DC I finally had the time to put together this post, highlighting some finer points of the day trip – including dinner at José Andrés Jaleo

What started ostensibly as a trip to reconnect with Kozee and see Scuba DJ at U Street Music Hall, spiraled into a hedonistic food exploration as bad weather and a series of events led me to making the trip solo.

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One Night In New Orleans

Running a little behind on getting these mini-vacation posts up on to the website but fortunately there is no time limit on these. Two weekends ago I took my first trip back to New Orleans in a decade, marking my first time back since Hurricane Katrina. Similar to every New Orleans trip I have made previously this one was centered around food and music, so… let’s get to the good stuff. Continue reading

Snow's Barbecue Pork Belly and Ribs

Texas BBQ Tour

Nine stops, 48 hours, and a whole lot of animal flesh.

Here is an enjoyable recollection of a Texas BBQ trip recently completed by a long-time friend of mine known simply as The Legend. The article, published earlier this week on the EatItAtlata website, is not for the faint of heart or those with any aversion to eating cow.

Overall a great trip was had (approx 700 miles in the car….), some disappointments (I’m looking at you Lockhart, Texas) and some high points (Snow’s, beef rib at Louie Mueller, burnt ends at Pecan Lodge, and sausage at La Barbecue).

Hopefully the Carolinas are next……

Texas BBQ Tour by The Legend

Editors Note: I fully understand some might take issue to me using a pork photo as the banner of an article on Texas BBQ, but let’s be honest, that pork belly looks delicious.

American Grocery Restaurant

Dining Out: American Grocery

As mentioned previously, it has taken me a while to get some older food posts I have been planning, but now that I’ve gotten Evernote Food items to show up properly on, we can get back to gastronomy.

The following meal is from a trip earlier in the year to Greenville, SC to visit family and check out some of the restaurants there (meaning there is more to show from this trip). Much thanks to Eat It, Atlanta, who frequents the area, for steerIng me In the rIght direction.

The following was taken from a meal at The American Grocery in Greenville, SC. Starting the meal off with charcuterie, featuring Jamón Iberico and Tallegio cheese, my personal favorite (if it is indeed possible to have a favorite cheese). For my main course I opted for beef tongue, whIch I have only had a few times but have never been disappointed wIth the result. AmerIcan Grocery served theIr preparation In a tomato-based stew, the acidity of whIch balanced the lean cut of beef nIcely. The portIons, as you can see, were more than ample.

An excellent IntroductIon for me for what Greenville  SC has to offer that sets the bar hIgh, for a restaurant In any cIty.

Check the photos of the event beneath the fold, or click here to see the complete meal [via Evernote Food]

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Automatic Logo

Automatic – Driving Assistant

Automatic Driving AssistantiPhone OBD-ii integration has come a long way since we first looked at the integration here a few years ago with CarTrip. What a difference a few years makes! The $70 Automatic includes access to the app and the integrated OBD-ii dongle.

With a highly-refined app, and my well documented obsession with technology and statistics, this is definitely on my to-buy list. I recently added the JawBone Up to my personal repertoire for tracking movement, eating, and sleep and have used Fuelly for a several years to manually track fuel economy and costs, and Waze to manage and track driving / directions. Excited for a solution to combine all these concepts in a good-looking app and give more accuracy than I could get tryIng to cull data manually.


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Car Accident

Classical Music Unsafe For Driving

via NPR’s Back Off The Bach To Drive Safely

Researchers in London claim that listening to classical music makes for unsafe driving — in fact, that it caused more erratic driving than hip-hop, heavy metal or not listening to music at all...

…also identified individual songs that were even worse for auto safety than classical music; the Black Eyed Peas‘ dancehall-flavored “Hey Mama,” for starters, was judged the single most dangerous song for driving

Thank You Scicnce

Thomas Wolfe Auditorium - Before Squarepusher

Moogfest 2012 Recap

Moog Music Inc. (Media Room)After having to miss last years Moogfest due to some logistical confusion, I was fortunate enough to be able to make the trip this year to catch Day 1 of the annual Asheville, NC music festival, as well as catching a glimpse of the Moog Music Inc. factory before heading back to Atlanta.

More info beneath the fold, also be sure to check out the Moogfest Photo Gallery

Update: NPR Music has made a number of performances from Moogfest 2012 available for download, be sure to check their recordings of Andy Stott, Ana Sia, Disclosure, Richie Hawtin, and Morton Subotnick

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