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Man Poses For Mugshot, Wearing Tshirt of Previous Mugshot

Florida Man stand back, Maine Man is here to party.  This wonderfully Xzbitesque display comes to us from The Smoking Gun

As seen in the above mug shot (click to enlarge), a coworker of Burt’s at a Pittsfield restaurant created a shirt with a reproduction of the booking photo taken following his mid-June arrest. The t-shirt photo was captioned “Burt Family Reunion 8/8-8/10/2014” and “sponsored by Bud Light and Somerset County Sheriff.” [*]



Fist Bump For Health

It’s official, the fist-bump is more hygienic than the traditional hand-shake. Not terribly surprising; this seems to be the official greeting of everybody in food-service for obvious reasons. The only unfortunate side effect here is bros are apparently healthier than people who behave like professionals.

The pair tested three different greetings and assessed the amount of germs transferred from each contact. They found that a high dose of bugs were passed on during a handshake. This was reduced by over half in the high-five, and germ transfer was a whopping 90% lower when bumping fists. The fist-bumping researchers also looked at grip strength and found that a stronger handshake increased the amount of bacteria shared.[*]