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Joe Europe – Mona EP Review Exegesis

Oh Stephen, how I wish this were an April Fools joke. After a brief respite from Resdient Advisor writing I realized I couldn’t stay gone long; take me away Stephen Worthy

Built on a frazzled melody and warming jets of soporific synths,

Words ravers know: frazzled, melody, warm[ing] jets

Words ravers don’t know: soporific

“Rules” quickly descends into a bubbling morass of acid-tinged synths, through which a wintry drone blasts.

Bubbling? Again? This was addressed yesterday, pay attention RA.

Arkist adopts a peppier approach, unfurling a yawning bassline and subtly brutal kicks.

Awesome Alliteration! The only thing subtly brutal here is the idea that someone at Resident Advisor OK’d this review before they published it.

Stephen Worthy‘s writing here is worthy of 1 star out of 5. Three short paragraphs that namedrop his parties, offer a brief sentence about each track and briefly mentioning that Arkist provided a remix. This “review” subjected readers to more bubbling and adding warming jets to the #50shadesofresidentadvisor list, but that’s no problem, Stephen assured us the Brevity is “gauzy” so it should be an easy cleanup.

Read Stephen Worthy’s review of Joe Europe – Mona EP on Resident Advisor


Tobias – A Series of Shocks Review Exegesis

Starting a new series here on, an exegesis of online music reviews.

We kick things off with a Resident Advisor review of the new Tobias Freund full length on Ostgut Ton. Definitely not the worst review from RA as of late, Appropriately titled A Series Of Shocks, it seems like the artist was already prepared for the slew of adjectives ready to be lobbed over the fence by myriad bloggers.

A Series of Shocks is rich and spatially ambitious. The low-end (a dark, bubbling mass…

Ok. First off… music reviewers, we can go the rest of our lives without ever reading the word bubbling in reference to music. (Sorry not sorry XLR8R)

Here’s what happens when you search “bubbling” on RA. Tobias, Skrillex, Dauwd, and that’s just the top page. Toil and trouble indeed.


Tony continues the above sentence with:

…compresses your chest with physical force.



The conclusion of the review:

The foregrounding of twinkly, arpeggiated synth lines is…

…this is where I leave this journey, not just because writers describing arpeggios is like having teeth pulled, but the run-on sentence that continues is more difficult to grasp than why I am subjected to yet another Tangerine Dream comparison

Overall, a solid effort from Resident Advisor – Tony Naylor picked up the slack nicely on this one. Bubbling, compression, and Tangerine Dream references are a bit overdone lately, but definitely a review work checking out, a solid 3/5 – 2 points docked for reminding us he worked with Milli Vanilli, 3 points for going the entire review without a Freund / Freud joke.

Read the complete review of Tobias – A Series of Shocks by Tony Naylor on Resident Advisor

Downliners Sekt - Silent Ascent Cover

Downliners Sekt – Silent Ascent

If I compare LHF to Downliners Sekt it’s that both represent a collaborative of musicians tastefully able to downplay their personal roles without resorting to masks or unpronounceable and otherwise unidentifiable monikers. More importantly, both maintain cohesion and an obvious attention to detail in their infrequent but typically exceptional releases.

We are obsessive people to say the least, and obsession is not easily shared – nor is it often appreciated. Creating music has always been vital for us. We craft, arrange and sculpt it endlessly until we’re satisfied. Expectations are always high, and the most challenging part is to keep it alive and genuine all the way.

The latest from Downliners Sekt, titled Silent Ascent is their third full-length release and easily stands up to all the high expectations many have come set for the Barcelona-based duo.

Trusting nobody came to read hastily thrown together adjectives relating my personal listening experience, it’s fair to at least point out across the hour long 12 track release, I did not fast forward any parts and never experienced ‘album burnout‘ typical of recent electronic-centric full lengths.

Silent Ascent is due out April 7 on InFiné, support from the DJs and blogs that give your opinions validation, for fans of obscure releases that only you understand and know how to enjoy.


The Greatest Music Reviews Ever

God bless hipsters, tumblr, and sarcasm. Alex Goldman, co-host of On The Media is allegedly quite the vinyl connoisseur, and understandably his wife couldn’t care less. To show her lack of exuberance for his hard work collecting music, she has started reviewing each album in his collection, going from A-Z.

We are up to Louis Armstrong‘s Louie and the Dukes of Dixieland, but have already visited The Animals and Anthrax.

My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection

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