Beaumont – Never Love Me (HF034)

Beaumont - Never Love Me (HF034) ArtworkRecently I have remarked to a number of friends the importance of context when approaching new music. More than a few of my favorite artists I did not like the first time I listened, for no reason other than the timing or situation in which it occurred. Upon receiving Beaumont’s Never Love Me EP for HotFlush Recordings I knew I had encountered something unique and needed to approach it accordingly.

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Helix Cookin' Dance

In recognition of XLR8R’s coverage of Helix in their Bubblin Up article today, I felt it only proper to share a video.

Enjoy this equally food-related clip of one’s favorites in his short cameo appearance on Man vs. Food‘s Savannah episode, highlighting his brilliant dance prowess to those who have not had the fortunately opportunity to witness Helix live.

Also be sure to check out one of the first Helix DJ mixes widely circulated posted here in 2010 as a part of the HeatATL Podcast Series, as well as a more recent performance at the monthly event HUNGER in Atlanta

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Late Nite Tip (April 15, 2012)

I have uploaded the recording of yesterday’s Late Nite Tip broadcast on Sub.FM hosted by Mite and myself. Thanks all who tuned in, the full broadcast and tracklist are available beneath the fold.

Distal was on tour in New England this week so you get selections from the two of us, and a bit more explorations in the 140 realm this week.

Check out the full broadcast for exclusive forthcoming Embassy Recordings material from Mak, Clicks & Whistles as well as some unheard sounds from Beaumont, Grievous Angel, Chrissy Murderbot and more.

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