Deco’s Deep Dubstep For Spring 2012

Deceast label owner Deco has posted some selections to his Beatport chart page highlighting the deep dubstep sounds of early 2012.

The list includes the recent Edgewoode release from his own label Deceast, as well as selections from F’s 7EVEN Recordings, and TMSV‘s latest release on the highly acclaimed Blackbox label.

Check out and purchase tracks from Deco’s Deep Dubstep For Spring 2012 [via Beatport]

Instagram Integration Coming to Hipstamatic

Fast Company is reporting that the Hipstamatic  Photography app will soon offer direct integration for sharing photos to photo sharing app Instagram

Understood by many as rival applications, the move is interesting from a social networking standpoint; showing Instagram values its role as a photo sharing platform more than a vanity app for adding lomography affects to photos taken on mobile devices.

One of the fastest growing social networks, Instagram boasts a user-base of over 27 million users, expected to continue to grow rapidly as the company recently announced it’s plans to support Android devices.

Hipstamatic, Instagram To Unveil Photo-Sharing Partnership [via FastCompany]