Howell Mill Food Park Opening

UPDATE - The Howell Mill Food Park has been relaunched in 2012 as the Atlanta Food Truck Park.

Excitement today for Atlanta’s food-truck fans as this evening brings the opening of the newly formed Howell Mill Food Park.

Located at the 1927 Emery Street (behind Willy’s near the Howell Mill / Collier Rd intersection). the park plans to offer space for diners to sample offerings from up to ten different food trucks. This is a change of pace from the situation a year ago when the City of Atlanta was a lot more litigious towards food trucks. Additionally, it is good to see some attention being paid to offering food truck gatherings outside of corporate business lunch hours. As someone who works ‘OTP’ in Atlanta I unfortunately miss the lunch gatherings many food trucks regularly make at Stove Works and Atlantic Station.

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Late Nite Tip (29-May 2011) Download + Tracklist

After a brief hiatus due to a load of travelling this month from Distal and myself, Late Nite Tip made it’s return to Sub.FM with a 2 hour mix featuring myself alongside longtime friend and another one of Atlanta’s finer DJs, Captain Crunk.

Quite an eclectic selection on these as the Captain takes us on an excursion of some midtempo beats and some choice selections from Lunice, Modeselektor, and more.

Big thanks to Capt. Crunk for helping fill in while Distal was in Detroit for DEMF, and all followers of the show get ready for next week when we return to our regular Late Nite Tip lineup of Distal and myself.

Thanks to all who locked, full tracklist beneath the fold, the show is available for stream and download below. Feel free to share.

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Incyde – Telophase EP (STEADFAST012)

After spending a manner of months writing music on the sunny beaches of Hawaii for the past few months, good friend Alex Incyde has announced a forthcoming EP on the Steadfast Records label.

With a unique approach that channels deep techno with a modern bass music aesthetic, Incyde is pushing a sound all his own. Additionally, as a member of the esteemed Dub War NYC collective as well as his recent workings with Scuba‘s HotFlush Recordings label, he may be one of the best upcoming producers and selectors you still aren’t aware of.

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Heated Podcast 003: Tilman

Earlier in the week, the good people at Heat Promotions posted the latest in their semi-irregular podcast series. This time, they have tapped Tilman, a veteran of Heat’s sister label Two Circles Records for a very smooth mix a little lighter than some of the fare I have been posting here recently.

This is definitely worth the download, as the Heated Podcasts while few and far between are never a disappointment.

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Library of Congress Opens National Jukebox

The Library of Congress presents the National Jukebox, which makes historical sound recordings available to the public free of charge. The Jukebox includes recordings from the extraordinary collections of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation and other contributing libraries and archives

While not exactly ‘brand-new’ it is worth mentioning here that the Library of Congress has made a large collection of its catalog available for streaming online.  They have started the archives off with a massive back-catalog of RCA Victor dating from 1902-1925.

The archive plans to add Columbia, OKeh, and hopefully more to the online database.

Go listen to some history

Ratko Mladić Arrested

Without the need for a NATO intervention or  challenge to national sovereignty, world news sources are announcing the arrest Ratko Mladić, the mastermind behind the Srebrenica Massacre during the Bosnian War of the 1990s.

My disdain for the handling of the conflict, especially the Srebrenica Massacre is something I have mentioned on this site before; the international response during the war undoubtably has left a long-standing impression on me.

This is major news, and I find it disappointing it is not a top headline on more news sources this morning; Mladić is responsible for masterminding one of the larger genocides of my lifetime. Additionally, the arrest opens the door for Serbian entry into the European Union, as they have demanded Mladić be brought to justice before any considerations began.

Read more about the arrest from the NYTimes or NPR

Butterz June ZIP

Butterz Is The Label

Seriously, the amount of quality music coming from grime label Butterz is unimaginable, especially considering they almost give away as much free music as Napster did in the late 90s. One of the label’s highlights has been their monthly ZIP file, featuring a bunch of freebies from the likes of Royal-T, TRC, S-X, and other regulars on the Butterz label.

Today they dropped the June ZIP file, which comes highly recommended. Free, quality, grime. U daft?

Also, be sure to throw them some money for their efforts by buying up some of their quality releases as of late


In case that was not enough free music for you, Butterz contribute P-Money has made the download of ‘Blackberry’ free from Bandcamp thanks to the people at

Answer the call and pick up P-Money – Blackerry free now [via Bandcamp]

Bassfaced Cloudcast: Rodan

Embassy takeover at Watchtower Wobble

This past Monday, the good people of Bassfaced posted their weekly Cloudcast series curated this week by good friend of mine and the Embassy crew, DJ Rodan from New Paltz, NY. As noted in their interview, my first encounter with Rodan was at Dub War NYC about this time last year, where shortly afterwards I was kidnapped to come share a timeslotwith him at his now defunct, but legendary ‘Watchtower Wobble’ night.

Not enough can be said for the knowledge Rodan and his ‘Crown & Anchor’ crew have brought to the SUNY dominated town on New Paltz. Every chance I’ve had to play there even the most obscure and deep tracks elicit a strong vibe with their crowds, which have developed an exquisite taste for music in large part to Dan’s efforts.

Check out this mix from a DJ you’ve probably never heard of that is pure class, and kick on over to Bassfaced to read the interview / profile.

Full tracklist beneath the fold:

Download the mix [via Mediafire]

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(Photo: Nate Ryan)

James Blake Interview / Anti-War Dub cover

I am glad to find myself fortunate to have caught James Blake‘s live performance in Toronto a little over a week ago. Bass Music‘s favorite son has continued his tour across North America most recently with a stop at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall, where he contributed a short video interview.

In addition, Blake paid homage to Digital Mystikz‘ anthemic and timely ‘Anti-War Dub‘ by performing a live interpretation of the classic dubstep track as an encore to his performance last evening.

Thanks to Kozee for capturing this one and getting it on YouTube so fast, and much thanks to Big Up Magazine via Sonic Ambulance TV for providing the heads up to the interview video as well.

James Blake, class.

VIVEK – Pulse / Roots (MEDI37)

The following review originally appeared in the past issue of Big Up Magazine, I have reposted it here for posterity. Please be sure to continue Big Up by reading online or getting yourself an extremely affordable subscription:

Deep Medi Musik continues its exploration of deep quintessential sounds with its latest from V.I.V.E.K. Already well-established on the label with “Kulture” b/w “Meditation Rock” and the Feel It EP, V.I.V.E.K. expounds this with two tracks, distinctly pure dubstep in contrasting ways.

The a-side of the release, “Pulse,” takes the stance of the release’s ‘system tune.’ An intro built on atmospheres, telephone ringers, and EKG tones erupts into a deep wash of bass pulsation. Razor-sharp percussion carries “Pulse” along to the breakdown where the soundstage is lost in a slowly decaying haze of bit-reduction, contributing to the the bleak futuristic feeling of the track. “Pulse,” while welcome on the iPod, was clearly not written for it.

“Roots” holds the b-side of the release and not to be over-looked, confidently showcases V.I.V.E.K.’s take on the ‘eyes-down’ aesthetic that often is the hallmark of Deep Medi Musik releases. With rolling percussion that is clearly at home on this label, accented with dubbed horns and sparsely, yet carefully placed synth pads. “Roots” is a slow and methodical in its unwinding however, it is still undeniably captivating.

Deep Medi Musik again reminds us that unapologetic dubstep is still as musically and emotionally compelling as ever, and despite what critics, nay-sayers, and punters might attempt to preach, the end is not in sight.


Niagara Falls Panorama

Two Toronto Trips

It has been a number of days since my last update here, and not for lack of updates. As noted in the previous post, I have been fortunate enough to step away from real life for a moment and enjoy some much-needed and well overdue vacation time visiting friends in NYC, Western NY and two forays into Toronto.

It was excellent to have an opportunity to get to Rochester and eat a bunch of local cuisine, as well as getting to Toronto and being able to stay in both The Drake Hotel and Thompson Hotel Toronto. These trips gave me ample opportunity to see the city, eat at The Black Hoof twice, and be able to catch one of the few James Blake live shows on this side of the Atlantic.  Many thanks to Kim- for carting me around the whole time, and providing some valuable insight from someone who has made the Toronto trip before.

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