Fact Mix 226: Photek

It’s a Photek mix, that’s really all that needs to be said.

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Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (DFC)
Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It (Trax)
LFO – LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) (Warp)
Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom (Mute)
Easymo – Nightmare (D-Zone)
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (Tommy Boy)
Nightmares on Wax – Dextrous (Warp)
Leftfield – Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Remix) (Outer Rhythm)
Joey Beltram – Energy Flash (Transmat)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon (Nothing Records)
Liberty City – Some Lovin’ (Murk)
Funky Green Dogs from Outerspace – Reach for Me (Murk)
Reese & Santonio – Rock to the Beat (FFRR)
Richie Rich – Salsa House (FFRR)


FACT mix 226 – Photek (Feb ’11) by factmag

ASC Ambient Mix for Musik Aus Strom

Tipped off to this one from spending too much time on Twitter, an exciting looking ambient mix from dnb / autonomic pioneer James Clements, “ASC.”

Courtesy of the ‘Musik Aus Strom’ website and radio show which until now I was unfamiliar with – a German based eldoradio student radio station.

Be sure not only to check out the ASC mix below but also an excellent looking mix from the show’s host ‘SMA’ highlighting some excellent selections from the Hessle Audio and HotFlush camps, that garner a lot of attention on this site – two absolute ace track selections here.

Full tracklists for both are located beneath the fold.



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RA.247 : Pinch

“In terms of the space dub creates—use of reverb and delay/FX to create soundscape spaces as part of a subtractive process rather than an additive one..[o]vernight it turned a mixing desk into an instrument and that helped massively to break away from the tried and tested ‘band’ format of music making and open up a path for manipulating sound itself as a means of creating music.”

A quote from Pinch that appropriately highlights his approach. Tracks like ‘Qawwali,’ ‘Widescreen,’ and ‘Battered‘ show that he lives what he preaches — moreover I have no qualms in freely admitting that the ‘Underwater Dancehall‘ full length on Pinch’s own Tectonic label might alone be the reason I am a fan of dubstep music. Although ‘wobble’ is often used pejoratively in many circles, none can deny that Pinch has expertly crafted the concept in a way that is intelligent, and classically ‘dub minded.’

This approach to sound gives his Tectonic label and his DJ sets a uniquely identifiable sound, one we have talked about in more than one post on this site. The high esteem of Pinch’s own productions combined with the Tectonic aesthetic, it is clear why Resident Advisor has tapped him for the latest installment to their podcast series. An excellent selection of tracks listed below, and as always a good short interview from the RA team with the artist on the RA page. To be expected, a wonderful mix effortless moving from the sounds of ambient, acid techno, traditional dubstep, and a host of inexplicable styles as well.

And, obviously, much respect to my good friend and Sub.FM radio partner Distal for having two of his original tracks appear in this mix from Pinch, including some bits that are forthcoming on the highly esteemed Tectonic label. Always excellent to see friends getting well-earned and well-deserved attention.

RA.247 : Pinch [via Resident Advisor]
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RA.245 : Traversable Wormhole

Resident Advisor looks to Adam X’s latest project as ‘Traversable Wormhole’ for the latest installment of their podcast. We have looked at Traversable Wormhole before with the digital release of his vinyl material with remixes, and there exists a mix of his own material however this RA mix gives a little more freedom than the confines of a mix of his own material. The tracklist is quite extensive and listed beneath the fold.

Click over to Resident Advisor to read the interview with Traversable Wormhole and be sure to grab the podcast as well.

RA.245 : Traversable Wormhole ( Download | Subscribe to Podcast )

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Review: Kowton – She Don't Jack [IDLE005]

After spending a few weeks watching the majority of my Twitter feed filling my screen with comments about how big this release sounded in the club it has fortunately made it’s way out of the dubplate bin and into the hands of the masses as vinyl and digital release. The latest release on Punch Drunk imprint “Idle Hands” sees Bristol based Kowton exploring the a minimal-influenced house vibe with the two tracks ‘She Don’t Jack’ and ‘Drunk on Sunday’

‘She Don’t Jack’ exists somewhere between Garage and house, the comparisons to Appleblim and Ramadanman’s ‘Void23′ seem somewhat appropriate. Although the track is not nearly as epic, perhaps due to the fact it’s not nearly as long, both seem to suggest a new movement in Bristol’s ever-evolving yet constantly influential sound. Extremely haunting, yet still dancefloor functional – a huge tune that was making noise online for obvious reasons. ‘Drunk On Sunday’ comes a bit more subdued than the previous, with a focus that is less on shuffling dance minded beats, a spare yet solid percussive beat carries the track’s rich bass sounds. Definite late-night stamina crew vibes on this one.

Bristol is clearly setting itself apart as one of the fore-runners of the house music sound with influences that clearly draw on the soulful / human aspects evident in the Detroit sound, however still maintaining a bleak vibe and garage influenced syncopations that are undeniably ‘un-American.’

Kowton – She Don’t Jack / Drunk On Sunday [IDLE005] is available from all finer vinyl / digital shops.

Update: Good friends mnmlssgs have recently tapped Kowton for their latest in the ssg special mix series, get the download from them here