Thanks For Your Support In 2010

Much thanks to everybody who has shown support for my musical projects, this website, and most of all those of you who I’m fortunate enough to know on a more personal level as well. I’ve definitely tried to put a lot of hard-work into all these things that are important to me over the past year and the kind words and encouragement have made it all worthwhile.

I will do my best to keep building on the momentum everybody has given me as we move into 2011, look forward to some more regular / new exclusive podcasts appearing on this site beginning early next week, with some mixes from artists I appreciate as well as hopefully me getting off my rear and getting some more of my own mixes up here for you as well.

2011, more food, music, and good times await — looking forward to seeing you there!

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PS: That shot is not from last night; it was a totally different event and I’m pretty sure that guy has no clue we took that round of photos.

NPR on Dubstep's 'Identity Crisis'

Suffice it to say, when I launched the Brostep Forum a little over a year ago I did not expect it to be popular, well-received, and especially didn’t expect it to reach ‘meme status.’ Regardless, I’m glad it did – and, honestly, I’m glad the name aggravates people; that was kind of the idea from the get go. Its a perfectly eponymous name for an overly self-referencing style of music.

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Free Downloads for XMAS

A ton of awesome music being given out in celebration of the Christmas holiday. I’ve done my best to link as much of it as I can recall below and will do what I can to update this as more become available. Thanks to all the esteemed producers who made these available.

Enjoy, and have a happy holiday!

Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
Skream – The Freeizm Album
Silkie – The Night Before
Terror Danjah – Hard Drive : The Compilation
Grime Collection courtesy of GrimeSpree
Joe Nice – Christmas Collection
Zed Bias – Lost DATs Archive
Truth – Perfect Combination
Arktrix – Enigma
Jack Sparrow – Christmas Dubs
Low Limit – Christmass & Tittes (DJ Assault v. Tchaikovsky)
Inferno – Winter Promo 2010 (Mix)
Falty DL – And I Really Know…
LHF – Keepers of the Light Vol. 3 (Mix)
Peverelist – Mix for the Wintervall Traveller (Mix)
Sines – Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Von D Remix)
Rival – Funky House (Royal-T Remix)
Ganji Killah – Man A Madman
Hackman & Jamie Grind – Saw The Light (Mistamen Remix)

RA.238 : BenUFO

In the words of David Rodigan, “No Intro.”

Christmas comes a few days early with the latest Resident Advisor podcast from one of the top selectors of the year in Hessle Audio’s BenUFO. As standard, click over to Resident Advisor for the short interview always worth the read.

Click here to download (Direct Link)

Full tracklist beneath the fold, big look to ATL’s Kai Alce making an appearance on this with his FXHE released “Dirty South Dirt.”

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XI – Nitelite (Free Download)

Ahead of his 31-Jan release on UK based Orca Recordings, XI is giving away a new track titled ‘Nitelite.’ You may remember XI following our recent coverage of his excellent contribution to the HotFlush Podcast series.

Along with the release was sent along the following promo video titled ‘Sleepwalking – viewable beneath the fold.

Download the free release XI – Nitelite [via Mediafire]

Preview XI’s forthcoming release on Orca Recordings : ‘Gamma Rain/Medicate

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Beatport Co-Founder Accused of Anti-Competitive Practices

According to an article on Resident Advisor this morning, Beatport’s Brad Roulier stands accused by another Denver nightclub owner of leveraging Beatport’s position to provide exclusive bookings in the Denver, CO area.

According to the article the two previously worked together in the promotional realm through 2007, before separating and starting rival clubs.

Surely there is more to this story than both sides have probably presented so far but it does provide some interesting room for discussion surrounding the rise of digital downloads, Beatport’s position in the electronic music scene, and questions surrounding a side of anti-trust policies that are 21st Century in origin.

Read the complete article from Resident Advisor here