When Are People Private Browsing

FlowingData recently showed an aggregate of some of the data gathered for Mozilla‘s analysis of how different people use the Private Browsing feature of their browser. Before you go all tin-foil-hat please keep in mind the only information gathered here was when, and for how long these private browsing sessions, additionally – all data gathered was on a strictly opt-in basis. It would be rather curious for the statistics to provide any in-depth analysis given the nature of Private Browsing.

Now that we got the caveats out the way, what is most interesting to me is most sessions appear mid day, and for no longer than 10 minutes. As the report notes, and as logic implies, people use private browsing for personal / private needs (banking transactions / bill paying / ordering) during a brief respite at work (befor lunch / going home), as opposed to more nefarious or carnal necessities that one would expect would not happen during those hours, and most hopefully not occurring within a span of ten minutes.

Check out the complete analysis here

Shackleton feature on BBC Radio1

I don’t keep it much of a secret how much I enjoy the sheer sonic onslaught that is Shackleton’s music. For better or worse, here is a man nearly as nebulous as the music he is known for; becoming one of the more elusive faces in modern bass music releasing a handful of remixes, over the past year on top of a handful of dates in Europe and North America alike. It feels safe to say that Shackleton has not been idle however.

Fortunately for all of us feeling neglected from hearing out what the Bristol native has been up to recently, Mary Anne Hobbs is featuring an extended “farewell mix” to honor the last of her shows at the helm of the BBC Radio1’s Experimental Show (Née Breezeblock.) Be sure to tune in this afternoon/evening depending on your location as Radio1 will have the show in it’s entirety streaming live from their site 26-Aug 0200-0400 GMT (that’s 9PM-11PM ET for the US crew.) Additionally Sirius/XM subscribers can tune in to the time-shifted rebroadcast available in the US.

Update: This show is available for download in full online, highly recommended.

Resident Advisor sits with Surgeon

Recently I have become a much bigger fan of the faster, cold, and dissonant side of techno music; in no small part due to the lasting impression the sounds of Shackleton and Skull Disco had on me when I first encountered it a few years ago. Continually pushing the envelope of dissonance for over fifteen years to date is British based dj and producer Anthony Child, operating under his Surgeon moniker. Recently Resident Advisor sat down for an interesting interview in anticipation of his forthcoming curated mix release that touches on a number of topics from culture, to aesthetics, and obviously Blade Runner

Surgeon ( RA Interview | Blog | Twitter | Discogs | Fact Magazine Mix #106 )

I can understand the nostalgia about vinyl, but I think it’s the way I’ve always been with music. Even before Ableton or Final Scratch. The music I loved, listening at home or DJing was always about getting a good, quality convenient medium. As a DJ, it wouldn’t be about getting the first pressing of something. It was about getting the best sounding, loudest pressing of something.