General Motors : I hope GMAC didn't teach you this

General Motors has recently aired commercials noting it’s newfound success for it’s ability to repay government loans, and promises a commitment to exceed consumer expectations. The Washington Times reports however that the company is currently under investigation for repayment fraud, allegedly using TARP funds to repay government loans.

I’m not going to pretend to have huge economic prowess but you can’t convince me this looks good long-term.

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The Black Dog : Fact Magazine Mix #144

A few years ago, before I was really actively interested of the movement in minimal electronic music I came across The Black Dog through being a fan of their side-project releases as Plaid on the seminal Warp Records label. 2008’s release Radio Scarecrow was my first real introduction to The Black Dog and it is routinely ranks high on the list of late-night music when couch surfing at home.

Having been established Warp Records artists under a myriad of different projects for well into a decade, and the recent re-emergence of minimalism it seems clear why The Black Dog has begun turning heads again with their unique aesthetic. The group has recently released a new full length album in the form of “Music for Real Airports,” which as the title suggests is a contemporary follow-up to Brian Eno‘s definitive “Music for Airports” project, an absolutely definitive album in ambient and electronic circles.

This week we are lucky to start Monday off with a contribution from The Black Dog to Fact Magazine’s already well-reputed mix series, and given the high esteem of both The Black Dog and Fact Magazine alike is undoubtedly going to be phenomenal.

Browse over to Fact Magazine to read the interview, tracklist, and download the mix