Record Setting Record Store Day

According to Pitchfork:

Billboard reports that according to Nielsen Soundscan, this year’s Record Store Day marked the biggest single day for vinyl sales in the history of Soundscan, which started counting things in 1991. According to Billboard, RSD’s co-founder, the Music Monitor Network’s Michael Kurtz, also reports that stores including New York City’s Other Music, Seattle’s Sonic Boom, and New Jersey’s Vintage Vinyl, had their most successful days ever. And sales were up all across the board.

Good work team. I know I picked up some goodies that day while visiting the record stores in New Paltz, and was fortunate to end up with a $4 copy of Photek’s Form & Function, what good finds did other’s get that day?

Apple II Series as a Twitter TTY

Twitter on Apple IIThe Apple IIc was the first computer I ever got my hands on, and as many of you are aware I have a real problem with compulsive Twitter use, understandably this recent post shared on DaringFireball spoke to me. A pretty nerdy read on hacking an Apple II series machine to be a dedicated twitter client, and yes, it converts twitpics and other images into retro-crappy Apple II compatible graphics.

The author gives some pretty good back-history on how similar to myself, the Apple II marked the beginning of his experiences with technology as a youth. I remember similar stories of my family trying to install GeoWorks unsuccessfully on the machine and relying on me at the age of five or six to install included in-box memory upgrade required to make the software work. Yeah, that’s right, there was a time when software came pre-packaged with the additional RAM necessary to make it work.

Apple Fanboys, you never cease to amaze, iPad / Tweetie, eat your heart out. Read the full article from atoms&electrons here

Cheesecake Stuffed Pancakes

I blog about food somewhat frequently, also I go around DJing as Shortstack, so I guess it’s to be expected I speak up about the latest culinary mess coming from pancake purveyor IHOP with their Cheesecake Stuffed Pancakes. Check out how absolutely heinous these look, there is not enough coffee in that restaurant to make this remotely digestable. If anybody has the fortitude to give these a try let me know how it works out, and by it I mean your hospital visit and subsequent angioplasty.

He Said, She Said – The Language of Blogging

I geek out on analytics and visualization of useless facts pretty hard, this probably explains why I have had a account for so long. A few months ago, WeatherSealed posted an analysis of 2,000 blogs, separated by gender, and generated a word cloud to exhibit the differences in commonly used words by the two genders. Obviously, being a blogger and avid consumer of online information I found it interesting. Additionally, since a discussion on perceived gender roles in music is still one of the top viewed posts on this blog, I felt reposting this despite it’s age was somewhat appropriate.

Read a more in depth description of the analysis here

General Motors : I hope GMAC didn't teach you this

General Motors has recently aired commercials noting it’s newfound success for it’s ability to repay government loans, and promises a commitment to exceed consumer expectations. The Washington Times reports however that the company is currently under investigation for repayment fraud, allegedly using TARP funds to repay government loans.

I’m not going to pretend to have huge economic prowess but you can’t convince me this looks good long-term.

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The Black Dog : Fact Magazine Mix #144

A few years ago, before I was really actively interested of the movement in minimal electronic music I came across The Black Dog through being a fan of their side-project releases as Plaid on the seminal Warp Records label. 2008’s release Radio Scarecrow was my first real introduction to The Black Dog and it is routinely ranks high on the list of late-night music when couch surfing at home.

Having been established Warp Records artists under a myriad of different projects for well into a decade, and the recent re-emergence of minimalism it seems clear why The Black Dog has begun turning heads again with their unique aesthetic. The group has recently released a new full length album in the form of “Music for Real Airports,” which as the title suggests is a contemporary follow-up to Brian Eno‘s definitive “Music for Airports” project, an absolutely definitive album in ambient and electronic circles.

This week we are lucky to start Monday off with a contribution from The Black Dog to Fact Magazine’s already well-reputed mix series, and given the high esteem of both The Black Dog and Fact Magazine alike is undoubtedly going to be phenomenal.

Browse over to Fact Magazine to read the interview, tracklist, and download the mix

Joe Nice: Big Up Magazine Interview

It should not require too much explanation but obviously I have always been a long time fan of Joe Nice, the man is an amazing performer to watch, technically one of the most amazing club DJs I have had the luxury of seeing over and over, one of the nicest people I have encountered, and undoubtably a very large inspiration and at times a mentor in my own attempted forays in to djing and modern bass music. Our friends over at Big Up Magazine recently conducted an amazing interview with Joe that should be mandatory reading for anybody who is on this blog.

Much appreciation to anybody who isn’t afraid to speak their mind on the state of electronic music currently without the fear of being referred to as a ‘hater,’ or any other terms that people throw around on the internet circle these days. I gave my own opinions on brostep and have received cheers and jeers alike, granted I do not hold nearly the same stature as Joe Nice does in the community, I am glad to see people at the forefront of the movement speaking out as sharply as he does in this article. Thanks to Big Up Magazine for making this article available to everybody, as it should be mandatory reading in the bass music community, and thanks obviously to Joe Nice for making himself available for the interview.
Oh yeah, and go show Big Up Magazine some support by subscribing
Download the article in full (via Big Up Magazine)

Altitude : MJQ Concourse 24-Apr

As I mentioned in a previous post I will again be travelling out of town this weekend however for those readers of mine who are planning on being in Atlanta this weekend, Atlanta Dubstep is at again this week with the return of Altitude, the groups newest monthly happening every last Saturday of the month at the legendary MJQ Concourse. Differing from the offerings at Sub.Traction and Atlanta Dubstep sponsored international talent, the group has begun drawing on performers within the local scene, to showcase some of other diverse sounds in the city we draw inspiration from.

The crew has quite a line-up for this month featuring Atlanta’s own Rob Wonder, host of Scion Radio’s No Static at All, and Bassick in addition to resident Atlanta Dubstep DJs Quad Control and Ployd. Free entry before midnight for all those who send their vitals to

For those of you unfamiliar with the madness of this event, check out the photo gallery from last month courtesy of Atlanta’s party paparazzi OhSnapKid

Chattanooga Bound This Weekend

It has been a rather busy week with travels to New York to catch Dub War and the chance to join the Embassy and Crown and Anchor crews for an exciting show in New Paltz. This week also marked the one year anniversary of Atlanta Dubstep’s monthly event Sub.Traction which featured sets from myself, Section 8 and Atlanta’s Trillbass. The show is back on the road this weekend as I pack the bags and head back up to Chattanooga, which quickly seems like my southern home away from home. Stepping away from the Banger’s Ball party briefly to join Talk help launch his new event Lifelike at Market Street Tavern. He’s got some cheap drink specials lined up for this one, plus entry is cheap/free before midnight. Be sure to come out and join us for the first of what looks like an interesting new night to the Chattanooga line-up. Definitely looking forward to coming up and getting my feet wet to a new crowd in a new venue, and hope to see some old friends!

Check the trip info on Dopplr

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Download: 17-April DJ Rodan + Shortstack

As many of you read in an earlier post, I am recently back from an exciting trip where the Crown & Anchor crew was courteous enough to extend to me the opportunity to play at the one year anniversary of their Watchtower Wobble event in New Paltz, NY. Right before an amazing headlining set from Embassy Recordings crew Distal + Mite, I put down some tracks with local boss DJ Rodan. He was kind enough to record the madness and make it available, so go “cop the file” while it’s still hot! Pardon the technicals in a few spots, one deck was on the fritz and at a few points people were knocking down the wall in front of the booth, wild times.

Gorillaz – Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack) (Rodan Speedup)

Claude VonStroke – Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix)
The Martin Brothers – Duckface
T. Williams – People’s Choice
Claude VonStroke – Greasy Beat feat. Bootsy Collins (J Phlip Remix)
Secret Agent Gel – I Need You (dub)
Incyde - Station (dub)
Addison Groove – Footcrab

Headhunter - Sex At The Prom

Brackles – Rawkus
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me
Joker – Tron (VIP)
F – Chillin’
Kode9 – Konfusion (Dub)
Scuba – Three Sided Shape
DJG - Duality
Download Link (MediaFire)

Space Dimension Controller: ‘Journey to the Centre…’

Space Dimension Controller: ‘Journey to the Centre…’:
Available on: Clone Royal Oak 12″

Following on from the sublime ‘The Love Quadrant’, Belfast’s Space Dimension Controller (real name: Jack Hamill) returns with another awesome 4/4 journey between the constellations of Space Disco, 2nd Gen Detroit Techno (Drexciya et al), LA Modern Funk and Bristol’s ‘Purple’ sound. (My preview copy of this latest SDC release lists the genre as ‘Galactic Funk’).

Justin Toland

I recently became familiar with Space Dimension Controller through listening to snf’s Stepping Into Tomorrow broadcast on – very deep techno vibes on this sound as described by Toland in this review for Fact Magazine cited above. This is an artist that I was completely unaware of until recently but definitely one I will keep an eye and and ear out for as it appears he will be keeping his release schedule busy as 2010 continues. It appears we have a digital release of this to look forward to in addition to the vinyl shown above; complete with remix efforts from rising star Kyle Hall, and a digital-only bonus track to add to the flavor.

Be sure to read Fact Magazine’s complete review here, and for all the chin-stroking techno heads who happen upon this blog, if you are still unaware of Space Dimension Controller, consider this fair warning.

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James Blake preps new EP for R&S

James Blake will release his first EP for R&S Records, ‘CMYK’ this May.

Fact Magazine is reporting on the upcoming release from James Blake to electronic-music powerhouse label R&S.

The ‘CMYK’ EP will be released on May 31, in digital and 12″ vinyl. You can stream a radio rip of the title track here (warning: may contain strands of Zane Lowe).

Read the complete write-up from Fact Magazine here, besides, how can you argue with a review that refers to Blake’s stylings as “fried synth torture.”

Dub War Promo Mix (Incyde) for URB

Dub War promo mix for URB: “

Check out this special Dub War mix from Alex Incyde for URB

Tracklist beneath the fold

01. Onra – Broken Language – All City
02. FaltyDL – Hard – dub
03. Sbtrkt – 2020 – Brainmath
04. Ike Release – Vagabond Saga – dub
05. Jus Wan – Coma Wall – dub
06. Sepalcure – Love Pressure – forthcoming Hotflush
07. Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental Remix) – forthcoming Hotflush
08. Incyde – Patter – dub
09. Sigha – Shapes – forthcoming Hotflush
10. Ramadanman – Glut – forthcoming Hemlock
11. VVV – Dorsai Irregulars – dub
12. Geiom & Dawntreader – Toscani – Double Science
13. FaltyDL – Because You – dub
14. Marco Bernardi – Mystery of Nazarus (2562 Remix) – Clone
15. DJG – Escape Pod – forthcoming Transistor
16. XI – Ghost – dub
17. Kloke – Meltdown – dub
18. DJG – Time Is The Fire – forthcoming Transistor

Resident Advisor 203: 2562

Dave Huismans brings the techno and dubstep fusion on this week’s RA podcast.
Of the artists to emerge from the dialogue between techno and dubstep, The Hague’s Dave Huismans must be rated as one of the finest. His production roots are actually in broken beat and his Dogdaze moniker, but 2007 saw him launch the 2562 project on Pinch’s Tectonic Recordings, forging techno sounds to dubstep beat structures to great effect. While debut album Aerial was fairly singular and streamlined in its approach to the fusion of techno and dubstep, his sophomore effort showed a totally different side to Huismans’ sound. With more overt references to UK garage and house, Unbalance managed to scrape into the top ten of last year’s RA albums poll, with Oli Marlow calling it ‘a zenith for techno-tinged dubstep in 2009.’
He’s also been keeping busy with his A Made Up Sound moniker which operates in a slightly more conventional house and techno vein. Last year’s ‘Rework’ on his own A Made Up Sound imprint and the four-track EP on Clone were essential releases if you like your 4/4 beats to be swung and bass-heavy, and those two adjectives are definitely something that you say about his effort for this week’s RA podcast.
Download RA.203 2562 Podcast