Joe Europe – Mona EP Review Exegesis

Oh Stephen, how I wish this were an April Fools joke. After a brief respite from Resdient Advisor writing I realized I couldn’t stay gone long; take me away Stephen Worthy

Built on a frazzled melody and warming jets of soporific synths,

Words ravers know: frazzled, melody, warm[ing] jets

Words ravers don’t know: soporific

“Rules” quickly descends into a bubbling morass of acid-tinged synths, through which a wintry drone blasts.

Bubbling? Again? This was addressed yesterday, pay attention RA.

Arkist adopts a peppier approach, unfurling a yawning bassline and subtly brutal kicks.

Awesome Alliteration! The only thing subtly brutal here is the idea that someone at Resident Advisor OK’d this review before they published it.

Stephen Worthy‘s writing here is worthy of 1 star out of 5. Three short paragraphs that namedrop his parties, offer a brief sentence about each track and briefly mentioning that Arkist provided a remix. This “review” subjected readers to more bubbling and adding warming jets to the #50shadesofresidentadvisor list, but that’s no problem, Stephen assured us the Brevity is “gauzy” so it should be an easy cleanup.

Read Stephen Worthy’s review of Joe Europe – Mona EP on Resident Advisor


Ekoplekz – Unfidelity Review Exegesis

Two in one day? Why not. The fodder is there, and this time I’m going to step away from the “big 3″ to show I’m an equal opportunity critic. My next exegesis / review of a review is Tiny Mix Tapes’ absolutely childish summary of Ekoplekz‘s latest full length on Planet Mu.

Immediately comical in its shape and in its design, the record is full of damp-sounding instrumentation and dry knock-kneed drum patterns.

What does this even mean? Is this record not a 12″ flattened disc? If so, what kind of turntable am I going to be conned into buying now? Nice contrast between wet and dry by the way, that’s the recipe for mud.

Grotesque to the point of the melodic lines seeming to sloppily slip off of the rhythmic bone

#50shadesofresidentadvisor strikes again…

Within “Scientist,” Dopplereffekt pairs the image of a scientist with classic sci-fi laboratory bleeps and bloops: incredulous machinery performing unknowable acts.



Also, why am I now reading a review of a 15 year old Dopplereffekt release? Oh well, at least it wasn’t a Tangerine Dream or Burial allusion.

Deforrest Brown Jr. showing readers here that he is enthusiastic to contribute to the sphere of blog influence but this review is not ready for primetime. 2/5 stars, I should give you 1 but I admire the effort.

Read Deforrest Brown Jr’s review of Ekoplekx – Unfidelity on Tiny Mix Tapes

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